UHC Config

Recorded Round
Server removes Arctic branding on scoreboard, custom scoreboard with your RR name. Includes 15/20/30m episode counter and timers in chat broadcasts, tab and /timeleft. Removes rank prefixes in chat excluding [Host] and [OP]. This is ideal for players who will be recording the game for YouTube.

Private Game
Server is set up as a normal Arctic game. Server will not open to the public as you choose who plays the game.

Server Information

Locations » EU (Gravelines, France) - NA (Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada)
Server Slots » 150 - Minecraft Version » 1.8.X (Compatible clients up to 1.16.2)

Game Scheduling
We can accommodate for mostly any time of any day that you wish to host your game. Please purchase RR/Private Game or custom scenario at least 5 days in advance or Public Game in atleast 1-2 days in advance and message Marcus#0005 (ProfessorMarcus) on our Discord to schedule your game. 

Scenarios / Gamemodes
You can view our servers list of scenarios and team gamemodes we offer on the Scenario List pastebin.  

Custom Scenario
We offer custom scenarios to be coded for your game, this is a payed add-on that can be purchased with your game on the Hosting store page.

Custom Spawn
We offer the ability for you to use a custom spawn for your game in replace of the Arctic spawn. This can either be built on our servers or on your own world/server as long as you supply a world download link.

Game Config

PvP Timer » 0-30m
Meetup Timer » 30-120m
Episode Timer (RR Mode Only) » 15-30m (per episode)
Starter Food » 0-64 steak
Final Heal » 20 seconds in (can be manually done at any given time by the host upon request)
Hearts on Tab » Enabled/Disabled (default is set to player health points in tab)
Killboard/Sidebar Reset » Disabled/On death/On team death

Rules Config

Team Damage/Friendly Fire » Enabled/Disabled (whether you're able to hit your teammates or not )
Stalking » Allowed/Disallowed/Until caught/Not excessive (if players can stalk eachother before PvP is enabled)
Stripmining » Allowed/Disallowed
Cross-Teaming » Allowed/Disallowed
Towering/Forting at 0,0 » Allowed/Disallowed

Map Config

World Type » Normal/Large Biomes/Amplified Terrain/Flat/Custom
Border Size » Any reasonable size
Border Shrink Type » Killing/Teleporting/None 
Final Border Size » 50-1000 (diameter)
Ore Rates » Vanilla/Doubled/5-75% removed
Ore Spawning » Everywhere/Only in caves
Nether » Enabled/Disabled
The End » Enabled/Disabled

Healing Config

Absorption » Enabled/Disabled/1 heart only
Golden Heads » Enabled/Disabled
Golden Heads Heal » 2-8 hearts
Golden Heads Stackable » Enabled/Disabled
Notch Apples » Enabled/Disabled/MC 1.9+
Starter Absorption » 0-8 hearts (the amount of absorption hearts you start with until PvP is enabled)
Final Heal » 20 seconds in (can be manually done at any given time by the host upon request)

Rates Config

Apples » 0.50-3%
Shears for Apples » Enabled/Disabled
Flint » 10-100%
Passive/Hostile Mobs » Vanilla only

Horse Config

Horses » Enabled/Disabled
Horse Armor » Enabled/Disabled
Horse Healing » Enabled/Disabled
Team Horse » Enabled/Disabled (if only 1 person can ride a horse per team or if anyone can)
Saddle Drop on Horse Death » Enabled/Disabled

Nether Config

Portal Trapping » Allowed/Disallowed
Portal Camping » Allowed/Disallowed
Strength » Enabled/Disabled
Tier 2 Potions » Enabled/Disabled
Splash Potions » Enabled/Disabled
Quartz XP » Vanilla/50% reduced

Enchanting Config

Bookshelves » Enabled/Disabled
Split Enchants » Enabled/Disabled (ability to /split which splits a book with multiple enchants into separate books)
Fire Aspect » Enabled/Disabled/From found books only
Flame » Enabled/Disabled/From found books only
Nerfed Redstone XP » Enabled/Disabled

Miscellaneous Config

Death Lightning » Enabled/Disabled
Villager Trading » Enabled/Disabled/1 trade per villager
Double Arrows » Enabled/Disabled (when you craft arrows it gives you double the amount)
Supply Drops » Enabled/Disabled (lootcrates which spawn randomly into the map every 10 minutes)
Block Decay » Enabled/Disabled
Enderpearl Damage » 0-2.5 hearts