Server Rules

ArcticMC is in compliance with the Reddit Universal Guidelines and all rules listed there apply to our server. 

Rules listed below are subject to change at any time. Please keep up to date with our rules before playing to avoid being punished on our servers. You can appeal your punishment by direct messaging us on our Twitter.

Allowed and Disallowed Mods and Clients
Please ask an Admin if you are unsure if a specific mod or client is allowed.
Usage of LabyMod, Badlion Client, 5zig, Hyperium, Lunar Client and UHC Essentials is allowed.



• Toggle Sprint/Sneak
• Any form of hacked client
• Optifine
• Autoclickers
• Keystrokes 
• Damage Indicators
• Arrow Counter
• Mini-Map
• Coordinates
• Name tag enlargers
• Full Bright
• XRay / Cave Finder
• Potion / Armor Status
• Tracers

In-game bans
You will get banned in-game if you're caught doing the following...

Hacked Client » Using a hacked client or feature.

 Ban Evading » Using an alternate account to evade a ban.
XRay / Cave Finder » Using XRay to find caves, players or ores.

Lag Machine » Creating a lag machine, refusing to get rid of it / making it again.

Extreme Unfair Advantage » Knowingly obtaining stuff from teammates who are x-raying. Using the F5 glitch. 9 Living which is going on multiple accounts in game to gain an advantage OR swapping accounts with someone in status based games, (Superheroes and Kings) to get a better roll of powers, F3+A abuse.

Assisting Evasion » Knowingly teaming/dueling with someone whos ban evading.

Disrespect » Extreme disrespect to staff or players.

VPN Usage » Using a VPN.

Combat Logging (Arena) » Constantly logging out to avoid dying in the arena.

DDoS Threats » Threatening to DDoS the server, staff or players.

Combat Logging (UHC) » Logging out to avoid death by PvE.

Sacrificing » Knowingly making a sacrifice for someone and not fighting back / minimal fighting back. If you knowingly take the sacrifice you’ll also be banned.
Extreme Combat Logging (UHC) » Logging out to avoid death from a player / abusing the relog system.

Death Threats/Wishes » Wishing or threatening death upon someone IRL.
Breaking Random Teams Rules » Breaking any rules related to random teams; leaving the game, suiciding, not having teamspeak, not having a working microphone, not speaking english when it’s required.

Inappropriate Name / Skin » Having an inappropriate name /skin that isn’t fit for younger player seeing or having a name which impersonates a staff/player and the staff/player wishes for it to be banned.

Extreme Spoiling » Spoiling something crucial in the game such as spoiling moles, mystery teams OR spec spoiling.

Stats Boosting » Using your friend to sacrifice or abusing to get your stats up.

Teaming in Meetup Sims » Teaming with someone in meetup sims.

Teaming in Arena » Teaming in the arena after warn.

Leaking IPs » Leaking a players IP address in game.
Benefitting » Benefitting from your teammate doing something that isn’t allowed.

Advertising » Advertising your server or discord in public chat.
Cross-Teaming » When you’re teaming with someone in an FFA or in a team game when they’re not on your team. This also includes sacrificing.

Bug/Glitch Abuse » Abusing a bug/glitch on the server.
Breaking Meetup Rules » Continuing to break meetup rules after 2-3 warns.

Portal Trapping » Trapping a portal in the nether/end when its not allowed.
Not Listening to Staff » Refusing to listen to staff after multiple warns.

Portal Camping » Camping a portal in the nether/end when its not allowed.
Inappropriate Builds » Building something inappropriate or offensive.

Misusing /report » Someone who is using /report to submit false or spamming reports.
iPvP » Using cactus, lava, TNT, sand, gravel, flint and steel, spleef, placing blocks to cause damage to another player before PvP is enabled.

Griefing 0,0 » Continuing to grief 0,0 after being warned.

Illegal Mining » Breaking mining rules in a game where things like stripmining is disallowed.
Stalking » Continuing to stalk someone/killing someone after being warned to stop.

Chargeback » Charging back payments you’ve made to the store.
Arena Flooding » Flooding the arena map in the hub with water.

In-game mutes
You will get muted in-game if you're caught doing the following...

Spam » Spamming the chat with 3+ of the same message or other messages.

Extreme Spam » Spamming a message 10+ times in chat before being muted.

Death Wishes / Threats » Threatening to kill someone IRL OR wishing death upon someone IRL.

Spamming Help-Op » Spamming the same message in helpop/useless information.

Character Spam » Spamming characters or words in public chat.
Filter Bypass » Bypassing words that are filtered/blocked on the server.

Mute Evasion » Using alternate accounts to bypass a mute you obtained on your main account.
Timeout » If you’re saying NSFW things in chat or raging a lot you will be muted for timeout. You will also be muted for this if what you’re doing doesn’t fit the reason of any other mutes.

Advertising » Advertising your server/discord on our server.
Bad Sportsmanship » Being a bad sport about a players skill, how you died etc. Unless extreme you will just be muted for timeout though.

Annoying » Being annoying to the host / staff in chat.
Spoiling » Spoiling anything in chat/pm that a player in the game wouldn’t know. Example, their gear, where you are or what you died with.

Hackusation » Calling players out in public chat for hacking. If someone is hacking please use /helpop or /report in game.
Disrespect » Being rude towards staff members, the server or players.
Racism » Being racist towards a player, using racist slurs, by being rude or treating them a certain way / harassing them. because of their race.

In-game warns
You will get warned in-game if you're caught doing the following...

Prebuilding » Used in Sky High games, when you/your team are building to bases before PvP is enabled.

Go to 0,0 » Not going to 0,0 which includes walking/shifting there, enchanting, shearing or purposefully taking a long time to get there.
Mining at Meetup » When you’re still mining ores after meetup has hit and you’re supposed to be going to 0,0.

Running at Meetup » Running from continuous fights. Some hosts are more strict than others but overall this warn is used when you’re running away from 0,0.
Go to Surface » When you’re underground when meetup has hit.

Cross Teaming/Trucing » Cross teaming or trucing with players that are not on your team.
Stalking » You’re allowed to be in the same cave as someone, however you can’t be TOO close OR follow them around getting in their way of caving or crafting.

Towering/Skybasing » When you’re towering after meetup hits OR when skybasing is disallowed in the game hosts will use this warn.
Forting / Walling at Meetup » Forting - 2 walls + a roof OR 3 walls Walling - continuous walls.

Camping/Stalling at Meetup » Continually camping and hiding at meetup.
Griefing 0,0 » When you plant trees, flood 0,0 or do other things to ruin a 0,0.

Teaming in Arena » When you’re teaming with people in the PVP arena.
Join Teamspeak » Used in random team games, when you're not joining your teams teamspeak if required.