Need support from a human? » Any questions or issues (not listed on this page) should be sent to LeonTG#7777 (LeonTG) on Discord or through our Twitter direct messages. We try our best to reply back ASAP.

If neither of those options are available to you, we also have a email to contact us with: [email protected] 

'If I upgrade my rank, will I get a discounted price?' » Yes! Make sure you enter the Minecraft IGN with the rank on when prompted to on the store so you can receive the discounted price.

'What are the commands for my new rank?' or 'How do I link my Twitter to Arctic? » You can find all commands and info about your rank and how to link your Twitter to Arctic on the Rank Info page.

'Do you accept refunds?' and 'Do you accept rank transfers?' » We do not accept refunds under any circumstances. We do not accept rank transfers between Minecraft accounts except  for certain circumstances, which are at the discretion of the Admin team.

'Why is the payment goal set to 350 EUR?' » This is the minimum amount that we need per month to pay for our NA & EU servers, Domain & GitHub account. The more purchases we receive the longer we can keep the servers up and running. 

'What will my purchase show up as on my bank statement?' » All payments from the store will show up as 'TEBEX'.