30 Day Ranks

Here you can purchase one of three of our 30 day server ranks! 

Each rank features different perks depending on which tier you purchase and includes all the perks of the rank(s) below it. Clicking 'Buy' gives you the ability to view the perks for that specific rank before adding it to your cart. We offer both 30 day and lifetime ranks so please make sure you're purchasing the correct one.

You can view an overview of the perks available for each rank on the Rank Overview page.

We are always adding new features to our ranks, if you have any ideas or suggestions to improve our ranks then please let us know on our Discord!

Star ✸ (30 Days)
2.99 EUR
Diamond ✦ (30 Days)
5.99 EUR
Heart ❤ (30 Days)
8.99 EUR